About Choral Society „LIRA”

Choral Society „LIRA” was established in 1996 by adult members and parents of minors of Male Choir „LIRA”. Male Choir „LIRA” was originally established in 1990, and Boys Choir in 1994 (Which is currently Children Choir, where the boys and girls are singing together).

Thanks to the hard work, passion and commitment, we gave over 500 concerts in Poland and Europe, having chance to perform in many beautiful places. Our choirs had opportunity to sing in many European countries: Germany, Austria, England, Wales, Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Belarus.

The idea of our society is long-term work on our culture, musical abilities, and educating young people who want to sing. We are making our best efforts to keep the friendly and family atmosphere, because in our opinion it's the key to reach best results in any way.

We're organizing choral & cultural events in Warsaw, most notably Warsaw International Choir Festival "Varsovia Cantat" - we organize it every year since 2005, and many great choirs from all around the world are arriving to show their singing abilities and compete for achievements. If you're interested in participating in our festival, please visit it's official site (link above) and contact us.


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Choral Society "Lira"

8. Cieszynska Street

02-716 Warsaw

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Bank: PKO BP S.A. 43 Oddzial w Warszawie

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   PL 52 1020 1169 0000 8602 0114 9368