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He was one of these music teachers who are said never to die because they live in the lives of his pupils. He didn’t only learn his pupils how to sing or play musical instruments but he formed their characters and heart.

He graduated  from Warsaw Conservatory in year 1928 (in the music teachers class) and than in 1932 (violin class of Wacław Kochański). After couple of years of work in Warsaw Secondary Schools he was send by polish government to be Violin teacher and choirmaster in Polish Conservatory in “Free City of Gdansk”. ( After World War I Gdansk became independent city with equal rights for Germans and Poles but in late 30-ties the city council was dominated by Germans sympathizing with Nazi Germany). In Gdansk Stefan Wasiak was very active leader promoting polish culture which was dangerous thing to do at those times, but he treated his work not only in the aspect of teaching music but as a patriotic mission.

After the beginning of  World War II he leaves „Free City of Gdansk” to avoid arresting and moves to Pruszkow near Warsaw. Becomes a regular teacher teaching mathematics, drawing and of course singing. During the singing lessons he teaches polish patriotic songs although they were prohibited by German occupants. After work he teaches play string instruments as well as piano and accordion.

He forms string orchestra and performs concerts in local church.

Later it was discovered that his artistic activity during the war was a cover for underground activity in Home Army fighting against Germans.  Immediately after Pruszkow becomes free town he organizes a choir and performs patriotic songs concert in his arrangement.

Patron 2 After the war he continuous his artistic and organizational work. As a employee of Ministry of Culture he was responsible for music education and wrote over 70 educational programs for music schools of different level. In 1950 he organized first festival of teachers’ choirs. In year 1952-57 he established and conducted Children Choir of Warsaw Philharmonic which is believed to have been one of the best ensembles of this kind. In 1957 he started working in Teachers’ Schools and as a specialist during different courses for teachers and conductors. He wrote several school books among them there is Violin Teaching Book and Music Teaching Book as well as Score Books with songs.


Stefan Wasiak was an uncommon personality, he gathered around himself his students and friends. Besides music his life passion was History of Poland. With his wide knowledge in this field he gained respect of many historians. In artistic work he was very demanding for himself and for his pupils, putting in everything he did a lot of energy and heart. Stefan Wasiak was for the youth much more than only  a teacher or tutor. A lot of his pupils remembers him not as music teacher but as a real spiritual leader.



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